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Hello and welcome to x_crystalline! Here you will find resources for all of your graphic needs. This community is owned and run by dying_in_style. Join, look around, and enjoy!

Please keep in mind this community is still very new! I'm doing my best to work on textures, brushes and all sorts of other goodies to post, so just be patient with me while I work to make this community a success :)

[x] Comment to tell me if you are using something! Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated as well.
[x] Credit is a must! Credit x_crystalline if using something. I uniquely name all of my files so that crediting and storing will be much easier for you. I don't do it for any reason other than to make life simpler for you, so take advantage of it.
[x] Please don't comment on dying_in_style's journal. It's just not nice and it's rather annoying. The community is perfectly fine for asking questions related to graphics.

The Resources
All of my resources have been made easily accessable for your convenience. You can browse through my memories and tags for a complete listing of my resources.

My resources are X-posted to many brush and texture communities!


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